2019-10-12 | Men's FitModel World 2019


Date: October 12, 2019 (Sunday) from 11:00 AM

Venue: MoM Sport – Event Hall, 14 Csörsz street, 1123 Budapest

Contestants are allowed to enter the venue from 7:00 AM. From 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM choreography instruction, where all contestants must be present. The competition starts at 12:00 AM on the main stage of the event hall.


Online registration:




Weighing, on-site registration (start number selection, presentation of official Fitparade T-shirt)

Date: October 11, 2019 (Friday) 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Venue: MoM Sport – Banquet Room, 14 Csörsz street, 1123 Budapest

Dear competitors, we kindly ask you to check your "spam" folder regarding the E-mails we send you when your registration is completed


CATHEGORIES: (total 4)

Junior: (for contestants 16-23 yrs): Open

Senior up to and incl. 175 cm (no height-to-weight rate calculation)

Senior up to and incl. 180 cm (no height-to-weight rate calculation)

Senior over 180 cm (no height-to-weight rate calculation)

(Planned height cathegories can be modified in order to have an ideal number of contestants.)

Overall champion selection:

At the end of the contest the champions of the cathegories are competing with one another and the absolute champion will be one of them.


Below 5 contestants the organizer is entitled to merge the categories.

Organizers count the cathegory on the basis of age completed in 2019.

A contestant can enter only one cathegory.



Men's FitModel World OVERALL CHAMPION: 

1st place: 500 USD

2nd place: 250 USD

3rd place: 150 USD




100 Euro - Paid until September 13, 2019. Everyone has to register online at the event website as well.

125 Euro - Paid until October 4, 2019. Everyone has to register online at the event website as well.

250 Euro - Paid from October 5, 2019 and on-site. Everyone has to register online at the event website as well.



Name: SBI Promotion Kft.

IBAN: HU12 1040 1093 5052 6685 5451 1005


If the amount doesn’t arrive onto the account by the given deadline, the contestant is not taken pre-registered and the pre-registration discount is not valid.

Please note! 
We don’t refund any registration payments for any reason. Under no circumstances do we refund any ticket purchases. If you have paid for registration or tickets and have been unsuccessful with your visa application,etc.. your registration or tickets payment will not be refunded under any circumstance.



Men above 16 are entitled to apply for the contest, either absolute beginners or registered athletes who can be members of any federations. Participation is only for everybody’s own risk.

Men’s FitModel World: thos cathegory has been worked out for those men above 16, who are sportily muscular. Neatness, perfect smile, photogenity,  neat appearance are required. The oblique muscle and shoulders has to be separated, the veins have to be invisible and the muscles can’t  be excessively muscular  and should be free from deep muscle separation. The overall appearance of the athlete has to be poised and energetic.

The Junior cathegory requirements are equal with the Fitmodel World Man’s cathegory but in this case only 16-23 yrs contestants are permitted to participate.

A contestant is permitted to compete in only one cathegory.



The competition is independent from any other federations, any club or association membership is not required and both individuals and beginners can apply. To apply officially for the competition,  contestants must fill in the application form completely.
For application  4 full-shot photos (from right, left, full-face and back) + 1 portrait are required. The date when the photos were taken has to be proved. The organizer considers the application after getting the photographs and is entitled to refuse any contestants whose readiness does not meet with the international standard.

Photos sent by post won’t be returned. The photos have to be sent by mail for info@fitparade.hu in jpg form. (Please mark the Fitparade Fitmodel World as the subject of the message)

The SBI Promotion Kft is not responsible for the photos marked with royalty or/and lost, damaged photos sent by post. The photos sent to SBI Promotion Kft are getting to its property.
By filling the application form the contestants enter into an irrevocable obligation that the photos sent for SBI Prmotion Kft and taken at the contest can be published and can be used during the campaign and for reports of the Fitparade FitModel World without any restrictions and limitations.



Judging by an international jury (called by the right-owner of the Fitparade). Evaluation follows the following aspects: Open, 2-round competition.


Obligatory poses in every cathegory:

Beside performing a photogenic, masculine appearance  and separated, healthfully fat free, sportily muscular tone, a balanced, symmetrically developed physique, the coordination of movement, personality,  appearance and stage presence of the athlete  is also being assessed.

The judges take into consideration together the symmetry, the manlike muscularity, the overall condition of the phisique and the photogenity of face. 

The physique shouldn’t  be excessively muscular! The robust muscularity and the bulging vasculars are assessed as a disadvantage since it’s not an Athletic/Classic Bodybuilding contest! There are no poses, the contestants don’t tense. There are 4 sporty, easy basic postures front, both sides and back. The hairstyle and neatness is very important, a minimal amount of make-up is permitted, the overall appearance although can’t be feminine since all of these aspects are taken into consideration.

Accessories, props: tattoo is not marked down but it may be covered by foundation liquid before bronzing. Distracting decorations or an arm watch, ankle bracelet, piercing visible on the stage are prohibited.

Shoes: the contestants walk up to stage on bare-foot

Hair: should not block the evaluating process of the muscles of the shoulders, and the back. Be groomed, trendy and masculine.

Other: chewing gum, candy, etc. during competition is prohibited!



At the open-ceremony of the contest all the contestants walk on the stage together lined-up in a rising numerical order by the instructions of the head-judge. The promoter hangs a medallion around all participants’ neck. After this the participants walk around the stage together and then walk off-stage. Then the contest starts.

The order of stage-calls of the cathegories:

1. Junior

2. up to and incl. 175 cm

3. over 175 cm and up to and incl. 180 cm

4. over 180 cm

First round:  In every cathegory the contestants are called by name in rising numerical order one by one to the stage wearing beach short. The Beach short can be colourful and unique but has to be over-knee. The contestants must put the numbers on their right hip in a way so that it can be easily noticed. The contestant goes to the center of the stage and shows himself from front and back then goes back to the row. After one another the contestants of all four cathegories walk up to the stage. Dream Tan and using body-oil is prohibited. Applying a tanning-lotion that doesn’t  colour the compression t-shirt is recommended. In this round the judges select those 4 contestants by cathegories who get to the finals.

Second round: Contestants got to the Top5 walk up to the stage wearing Under Armour short and Under Armour T-shirt by the announced cathegory order in rising numerical order. First the contestants of the Gentleman cathegory then the participants of the up to 175 cm, up to 180 cm and the over 180 cm cathegories walk up to the stage by cathegories. The cathegories are called by rising numerical order. The judges call the contestants in order to compare them and they do the 4 lighter basic turns (turns to the right, no tensing, easily, sportily) by the instructions of the head-judge. The judges define an absolute order. The champion gets the lowest score.

Important! The contestants will have time for dressing but have to stay behind the stage!


Award Ceremony: The TOP 5 contestants put on a Beach short again and walk up to the stage in rising numerical order by cathegories. The results will be announced up to 1-5. place, all the contestants who hasn’t gotten to the TOP 5 end up at the 6th place.


Overall Champion: Comparison of the champions of the Gentleman and the 3 height cathegories in Under Armour short in one round. The judges define an absolute order. The champion gets the lowest score.



Tanning is obligatory! Self-toning at the scene of the contest is only allowed in the ProTan tent.

Dream Tan and any other bronzing cream is prohibited! Bronzing is not allowed anywhere else only at the ProTan tent. The official tanning company of the event is ProTan Hungary!

The rules and regulations can be modified by the promoter which is published on the fitparade.hu website!

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