Safety is first at the Fitparade

Dear competitors,

In order to keep the Fitparade successful and safe in the current situation, its extremely important to draw your attention tot he followings:

  • Please wear  a mask during the event – except for being on the stage- even at the check-in on 16th October. If you dont have a mask you will have the opportunity to buy a unique one with Fitparade logo
  • Please enter the competition only in case if you feel healthy and havent experienced any sympthoms of Covid virus
  • It is really important to observe personal hygiene, so avoid body contact and the traditional ways of greeting
  • we purchased 5 antiviral hand sanitizer dispensers, so we recommend everyone to use them during the event.
  • In Ludovika Arena we will do everything to maintain the safe 1.5 meter distance and the backstage area will be created according to this as well
  • There will be a thermometer camera at the entrance and we will also have non contact thermometers


Thank you for your cooperation.
Stay safe and take care of each other!


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