We are happy to announce that we organize the IFBB Pro Qualifier for the 4th time and the NPC Regional also becomes part of the Fitparade®.

Upcoming competitions

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OCTOBER 16-17. 2021.
IFBB Pro Qualifier

This year 9 IFBB Pro cards could be won by the overall winners of the categories.

Kozma István Hungarian Wrestling Academy
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OCTOBER 16-17. 2021.
NPC Regional

This is the second consecutive year that we organize the NPC REGIONAL competition in Hungary. There will be NPC REGIONAL and IFBB PRO QUALIFIER competitions on both days – 16-17th October – of the FITPARADE®.

Kozma István Hungarian Wrestling Academy
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OCTOBER 16. 2021.
Fitmodel World

It will the 19th times that we organize Fitmodel World for the fit and sporty ladies to whom it is a great opportunity to become world famous. Almost all the category and overall winners are world, europen or hungarian champions.

Kozma István Hungarian Wrestling Academy