Venue of the Fitparade 2023 – KIMBA

The sports hall of the Kozma István Hungarian Wrestling Academy Foundation was built at the end of 2019 in the 21st district of Budapest in a beautiful green area on the bank of the Little Danube where we organize the 2 day long FITPARADE in 2021. KIMBA is a multifunctional 3 storey building with a floor area of nearly 4000 square meter.

The main task of the sports hall is to provide quality home for the youth education of hungarian wrestling in the Carpathian Basin within academic framework. In addition to wrestling it also aims to provide quality venues for as many cultural, leisure or sport events as possible

On the ground floor there is a wrestling room with 3 carpets, changing rooms, a gym, while on the first floor there is a modern arena, a buffet, a cloakroom and a lobby.

The arena of the hall has a grandstand for 500 people but the building is able to provide place for events of up to 1000 people.

There is a beautiful forest right next to the venue which gives an amazing view from the hall due to the skylights and the windows on the north wall that allow the natural light flow into the hall.

The sports hall aims not only the physical but the spiritual and mental construction of the visitors, renters and athletes therefore a small christian chapel was also built on the ground floor which is the jewel of the hall.

Address: 1213 Budapest, Hollandi street 8.

Few pictures of the venue:


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